Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The 10 Best Free iPad Apps |

The 10 Best Free iPad Apps | "A tablet is only as good as its apps, and, fortunately, the iPad has plenty of them. It doesn't matter if you have a full-size iPad$479.00 at or its adorbs baby brother known as the iPad mini$399.00 at Apple Store; there are thousands upon thousands of apps at your disposal that can keep you entertained or handling your business when you're away from your work PC. In fact, one of PCMag's most popular stories ever is our Top 100 iPad apps."

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The 15 Best Free Android Apps |

The 15 Best Free Android Apps | "Mobile apps have drastically changed our relationship with free software. More often than not, the best mobile apps don't cost you a cent (though you might pay for them in other ways). But there are also plenty halfbaked free apps out there. Our handy list can help you navigate Google Play to make sure you're getting the good stuff."

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Geek: "The world of 3D printing — while still not particularly viable for consumer use — is rapidly advancing. We’re still far off from a Transmetropolitan-style Maker that can print up almost anything so long as you load in some (actual) garbage for fuel, but the medium has made some major strides. A Harvard scientist was recently able to 3D-print rechargeable batteries, while other researchers were able to 3D-print free-standing structures using liquid metal."

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Proposed California law would mandate smartphone kill switch | PCWorld

Proposed California law would mandate smartphone kill switch | PCWorld: "Kill-switch technology that can render a lost or stolen smartphone useless would become mandatory in California under a new bill that will be proposed to the state legislature in January.

San Francisco District Attorney George Gascón

The bill will be introduced by Senator Mark Leno, a Democrat representing San Francisco and neighboring towns, and George Gascón, the district attorney for San Francisco. Gascón has been spearheading a push by major law-enforcement agencies across the U.S. for more to be done to prevent smartphone theft."

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Tech's biggest flops, fails, and faux pas of 2013 | TechHive

Tech's biggest flops, fails, and faux pas of 2013 | TechHive: "As we assembled this slideshow, IAC’s (former) head of public relations, Justine Sacco, had just joked on Twitter about going to Africa and catching AIDS. If that doesn’t sum up the tone-deafness of 2013, nothing does."

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