Sunday, August 28, 2011

80 All-You-Need Photoshop Brushes - Noupe

80 All-You-Need Photoshop Brushes - Noupe: Brushes for Adobe Photoshop are known to be one of the most used add-ons since they don’t just enhance your designs, but also help give your works a new, fresh and stunning look.

Free Hi-Res Photoshop Brushes: Messy Spraypaint | BittBox

Free Hi-Res Photoshop Brushes: Messy Spraypaint | BittBox: It’s Photoshop Brush time again, and I’ve got a new set of 10 high res brushes for you. These aren’t traditional spraypaint brushes, so “Messy Spraypaint” is as close as I could get to an accurate name.

Custom Wallpaper Tutorial | Thoughtlab Blog

Custom Wallpaper Tutorial | Thoughtlab Blog: t’s very simple.
Just follow the steps and you will be fine.