Wednesday, April 25, 2012

33 Ways to Instant Blogging Failure

33 Ways to Instant Blogging Failure: "There are a lot of posts written about blogging success, but perhaps not quite as many written on why blogs fail. Since I believe failure is such a great part of the entrepreneurial learning process, and you really only fail when you quit, I thought I’d write an “homage” to failure if you will. Here you go: 33 ways to fail at blogging:"

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Reasons Why People Update Their Software [Humorous Chart] - How-To Geek

Reasons Why People Update Their Software [Humorous Chart] - How-To Geek:

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Store Files on Google GDrive

Store Files on Google GDrive: "Rumors about a file-sharing services sponsored by Google have been rampant the past few months, especially after Microsoft revamped SkyDrive last week. Google officially released GDrive this week, and so far, the reviews are so-so. Google products have been hit-and-miss lately, with the Buzz social network completely flopping and Google+ failing to live up to its Twitter and Facebook rivals. GDrive will have to be pretty special to usurp Box, Dropbox and SkyDrive in the cloud-storage arena."

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