Friday, December 16, 2011

Your complete guide to Facebook's Timeline | How To - CNET

Your complete guide to Facebook's Timeline | How To - CNET: "Are you ready for change? Facebook has once again redesigned your favorite social network, changing privacy options, adding new features (like the ticker), and killing off profiles in favor of Timelines."

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The CNET 100 - CNET

The CNET 100 - CNET: "Ten lists. Ten tech products each. Some of these products you probably own, some you may never have heard of, and some should just die already. These lists are the final word on the devices, apps, and tech ideas--good and bad--that mattered in 2011. Dive into the lists below or sit back and enjoy our video version below (which is a lot of fun)."

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Add Gadgets to Gmail

Add Gadgets to Gmail: "Third-party developers have created hundreds of Gadgets for iGoogle. These gadgets can do everything from calculating complex math problems to helping you waste time at work with a video game or virtual hamster."

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