Friday, October 19, 2012

Google announces new affordable ARM-based Chromebook

Google announces new affordable ARM-based Chromebook: "Google has just introduced a new Chromebook, made in conjunction with Samsung. The Chromebook line of laptops has always been designed to be affordable, and to allow users to live completely in the cloud. Well, this time Google's blowing the doors off with an impressive laptop priced at a staggering US$249."

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Why is my machine slowing down?

Why is my machine slowing down?: "For example, if Internet Explorer has slowed down while the rest of your software runs just fine, then you'll need to take a different approach than what I'll outline here. You'll need to focus on the specific applications that are behaving slowly. Perhaps some of the solutions may be the same, but arriving at those solutions and choosing one will depend a lot more on investigating the issue with that specific application."

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» Can Dust Actually Damage My Computer?

» Can Dust Actually Damage My Computer?: "SuperUser reader Holy Sheet poses a question about dust and computer hardware:

During the last few days, my screen froze a couple of times. After opening the chassis I discovered plenty of dust beneath my mother board. I wonder if that can cause short circuits.

Can neglecting to spring clean your PC damage it? Let’s investigate."

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