Wednesday, July 6, 2011

6 Reasons Blogging is a Good First Business

6 Reasons Blogging is a Good First Business: "The dream of becoming self-employed is the fuel that takes so many bloggers from the first few months of scraping for followers to the successful later years of making a comfortable income. But what is it about blogging in particular that makes it such a great option for first-time entrepreneurs?"

10 Web Browsing Techniques To Help Keep You Malware Free

10 Web Browsing Techniques To Help Keep You Malware Free: "Malware has become more complex over the last couple of years, and trick websites, scammers, and smoke and mirror plots are often times just a click away. The world wide web is awesome, but it’s kind of like playing minesweeper at the same time. Today’s post features no downloads, utilities, or antivirus software recommendations; but rather, some simple techniques to help you avoid malware confrontations all together."

Link Directly to Webpage Quotes

Link Directly to Webpage Quotes: "Bloggers often borrow quotes and link to articles on other blogs as source material. These citations provide a helpful resource for readers, and also give a respectful nod to other, often competing, bloggers. However, if the linked article is lengthy, readers can become frustrated with finding information related to the original quote."