Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Kindle Nation WEEKENDER - 11.19.2011

The Kindle Nation WEEKENDER - 11.19.2011:

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How To Read Scratched CDs or DVDs In Windows

How To Read Scratched CDs or DVDs In Windows: "Have you ever had a CD or DVD that contained critical information but you could not get to it? Does your disk have a huge scratch running through it? Maybe it’s a little chipped or cracked? Don’t throw it out there might still be hope!"

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Showcase: 25 Random Awesome Wallpapers

Showcase: 25 Random Awesome Wallpapers: "In this post we will show you some random wallpapers we compiled over a brief search for good looking wallpapers. And this is what we came out with. Some 25 amazing wallpapers, from random categeories. "

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Hotmail - - Windows Live

Hotmail - - Windows Live: "“Total freedom” is a creative cage.

What people are really doing online.

Steve Martin’s secret of success, and a massive (and mostly missed) opportunity on Twitter.

Speaking of Twitter, follow @copyblogger"

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