Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Pocket : Can I use an external keyboard with my laptop?

Pocket : Can I use an external keyboard with my laptop?: "I just got a new Lenovo laptop and I’m having the darnedest time typing on it. I’m upgrading from a PC. I used to use this wonderful Windows ergonomic keyboard, which I loved and cherished. I had no issues or problems and I knew where everything was. With all of these newly built laptops now, I’m forced to keep my palms straight and elbows in. I can’t stand it. I constantly miss keys, touching the middle pad thingy. I’m constantly misspelling words, going back and backspacing words because I’ve hit the Enter key instead of the Shift key, cursing like mad. I’m going insane. Is there any way that I can just plug my old ergonomic keyboard back into the USB port, slap cardboard over the laptop keyboard, and go about my regular carefree life? Please say there’s a way!"

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Pocket : Seven problems with current OLED televisions

Pocket : Seven problems with current OLED televisions: "Here at CNET we are really excited about big-screen OLED technology. While plasma is the present standard for videophile-quality displays, OLED is the future.

After finally getting a chance to test one of the first shipping OLED TVs in person, CNET's David Katzmaier says the Samsung S9C OLED is the best display he's ever seen. It offers almost infinite contrast levels, high light output, and no motion blur, uniformity or off-angle issues."

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Wireless DeadDrop

Wireless DeadDrop: "fter doing the usb dead drop project i quickly thought about other deaddrop type projects. The main constraint for the usb deaddrop project was the use of having to physically plug it in. The prospect of having the ability to do this wirelessly was very intriguing. So I did a bunch of research and asked around and finally found this solution. "

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